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Robert Tolchin is a classically trained, award winning photographer with 20 years of experience shooting for corporations, institutions and agencies worldwide. Recognized as one of Chicagoland’s top portrait photographers, he also excels in editorial and product photography. Comfortable working on location or in his Highland Park studio, at a computer or under the red glow of a darkroom safelight, Robert Tolchin is a craftsman with a camera.


On Commercial Photography


”I consider myself a specialist in photographing real people doing real things. Real life, not lifestyle. I have produced industrial, corporate, magazine, annual report and advertising photography throughout the world in locations ranging from hospitals to steels mills. From fertilizer factories to chocolate factories. My subjects have included welders, lawyers, presidents of corporations and former presidents of the United States. I have photographed nurses, doctors, pilots and musicians. Whether shooting portraits or working images, what I am good at is getting into a location, quickly assessing what is the best photographic approach, creating a great photograph and getting out with minimal disruption. I am expert at photographing people who do not want to be photographed. A busy corporate executive, doctor, automatic mechanic or barber all have busy schedules and places they need to be other than in front of my camera. I understand and respect that. I work on my subject’s timetable, not mine.


One of the great joys of my career is the variety of projects that I am able to work on. An example is a capabilities brochure for a Fortune 500 manufacturer of paper products that I was hired to photograph recently. We shot the entire process from factories creating the products to end use on display in grocery stores. Product shots were done at my north suburban Chicago photography studio. This one project alone included industrial photography, individual and group portrait photography and product photography.”


On Portrait Photography


"In addition to doing high quality portraits for advertising, editorial, annual report and editorial use, I enjoy doing fine art portraiture for individuals at my studio. It is great fun to work with someone who is excited to be at the studio and wants to spend the time to create a great portrait whether the end use is a file to be used on a personal web site or a beautiful fine art print to hang on the wall.”


On Fine Art Photography


"I received my BA in photography from Columbia College Chicago, with an emphasis on fine art photography. I continue to have a great interest in fine art and when not doing portrait or commercial photography, I produce fine art which I exhibit in galleries and on line.My interests in fine art photography are broad. I have great interest in Americana and rural documentary photography, similar to the work of David Plowden. I also enjoy street photography in the school of Garry Winogrand.Currently, I am working on a a series of traditional nudes and nude portraits at my Highland Park studio. These are done for exhibit and sale as well as on a commission basis. ”


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